The TLboost® Training Management App

We all know that managing employee training is easy. Right?
Of course, a few snags occasionally pop up.

  • Training can expire.
  • Training gets upgraded, making earlier training obsolete.
  • People change jobs within your organization.
  • New hires need to be brought up to speed quickly.
  • People sometimes need to be cross-trained.
  • Some people have special training requirements.
  • Evaluating training success, and identifying training impact, can be an elusive challenge.

tired stressed worker
Ok. Maybe managing training is not so easy. You can probably use a little help.

That’s why we created the TLboost® app for managing employee training!

We equip you to skate through the hiccups that make training management not so easy.

It’s very easy to use. We do a lot of the setup for you.

  • Access it from almost anywhere on your computer or tablet.
  • Easily pop employees into new roles.
  • Adjust training regimens to meet continually-changing requirements.
  • Find out who needs training with a click of a mouse (or a tap on your tablet).

When you’re ready to go further with training management, the app can equip you to evaluate your training.

  • Create simple instruments to assess trainee satisfaction.
  • Check for learning.
  • Ensure that trained behaviors are practiced on the job.

managers happy with impact
You’ll proudly show stakeholders the ways your training has impact.

Already using a high-end LMS?

When the team that wanted to take training “to the next level” has moved on, and you’re ready to pare down and get practical about training management, connect with Twin Lakes Consulting. We’ll equip you with essentials. You’ll get training under control – then pursue other challenges.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up to tame your training management challenges.

Please use our contact page to express interest and show us how to get back in touch. We’ll respond to your inquiry with a phone chat and propose that you join us for a live “15-minute” web tour. (BTW – Don’t be concerned about sticker shock. This is not a big-ticket item. It’s an app!)

Reasonable?  We hope you’ll think so.  We’d love to show you how we can help your business meet is most complex training challenges with our “app” sized solution.
excited businesswoman celebrating
You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!