Learning Management – Provide What’s Essential While Eliminating Waste

Business leaders live in a state of deep thought, as they gear up to do business in a changed world. For some, it’s a clean slate event; an opportunity to re-think, re-position, re-deploy, and re-execute.

This post inspires thinking about SMB, B2B, manufacturing and its approach to learning and development.

Learning” pervades industrial vernacular . . .

  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Learning Management Systems
  • e-Learning Systems
  • Learning Organizations

When an organization achieves success with learning, it’s not necessarily gained impact commensurate with the associated expense.  Learning is only “Level-2” of a four-level L&D framework made famous by Don Kirkpatrick.1

1 The web is replete with discussion about Don Kirkpatrick and a four-level model for training development and evaluation.  This timeless and useful framework can inspire your thinking as you design and deliver learning interventions.  Doug Hagy, of Twin Lakes Consulting, gained insights about this framework through personal correspondence with Don Kirkpatrick.

learning pyramid

Level 4: Impact . . .
(Results) – Does the organization realize impact from new on-the-job behaviors practiced by its learners?

Level 3: Behavior . . .
Do learners practice new on-the-job behaviors; inspired by what they’ve learned from training events?

Level 2: Learning . . .
Do learners gain practical takeaways and new knowledge?

Level 1: Reaction . . .
Are learners satisfied with their learning interventions?  Well presented?  Good venue?  Relevant?

The only learning that’s valuable, is learning that spawns behavior; vital behavior essential to getting the work done – well.

Furthermore, the only behaviors that are worth producing are behaviors that generate business impact.

Learning that doesn’t produce behaviors, or produces non-essential behaviors, can be reasonably characterized as waste.  The software, the staff, the related learning interventions – all generating waste.

The way to training success is aiming for Level-4 success from the get-go and addressing requisite requirements of the lower levels along the way.

learning blind spot

Impact (Level 4) is an occasional L&D ‘blind spot’.  Achieve Level 4 success by making impact the up-front driver for every learning intervention.  Twin Lakes Consulting, can show you how to do just that – for every learning intervention.

From an article by David Maister (highly regarded consultant and author) . . .

“No manager should ever be given a training budget until they show which business metric that training will impact – they should set a goal for that impact and review performance against that goal before allocating more training budget to that manager.” 2

2 https://davidmaister.com/articles/why-most-training-is-useless

flood organization with learning

Thinking about flooding your organization with “Learning Interventions”?

Becoming a “Learning” organization?

Listen to this show – “Attention Please”.   Learn about the challenges of communicating “in the age of infinite distractions”.

For all the ways our attention is routinely drawn away, and the numerous interruptions we encounter each day, you’re lucky to get any message through. Limit learning interventions, of any type, to bare essentials.

discard unnecessary learning

If you’ve not yet invested in complex systems to support learning, you may have less to discard as you re-think efficiently equipping employees with vital know-how.

hooked on LMS

If you’ve already bought in to the Learning Management System (“LMS”) allure, we can help you migrate to our simpler, targeted, cloud-based solution.

✓ Nurture and manage everything that achieves Level 4 success.

✓ Discard everything else.

Chances are that you’ll shrink the pool of topics you share with your employees dramatically.

    • Simplify the learning function.
    • Pare down related management systems.
    • Lower related costs.
    • Reduce employee learning interventions (interruptions).
    • Sharpen focus on learning with verifiable impact.

Team with Twin Lakes Consulting. We’ll equip you with targeted tools to ensure that employees stay current with relevant know-how for them to do their work.

Transform “learning management” into a manageable, complimentary, role for your EHS, Quality, or HR Manager.

achieve learning impact

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